Best Potatoes For French Fries

best potatoes for french fries

When making french fries, it’s essential to know some secrets to make the best fries. 

The perfect french fry should be crispy on the outside and not oily. The inside should be soft and fluffy. The color of the french fries should be golden brown.

best potatoes for fries

Cook Carefully

You will want to make sure that you don’t over-cook your fries. 

When over-cooked, the fries become hard and, like taking away from all of the fluffy goodness that the middle of the french fry has to offer. 

French fries can be cut thick or thin, depending on your preference. Choose a quality cooking oil so that you know you have good oil to fry in. 

Keep your heat hot so that your french fries aren’t sitting in oil for an extended period of time. Sitting in the oil will cause the fries to be oily and even mushy, which is a big negative. 

Don’t stir or shuffle your fries too much while frying; this can cause them to break up while cooking. 

Watch over them while they are frying, and once they turn golden brown on one side, you can gently flip them. 

If you’re deep-frying so that the fries are totally covered in oil, you can remove them once they are golden brown. 

Placing them on paper towels that can absorb the excess oil is a great way to have crispier fries.

A Popular Side

French fries are a very popular side. They are the number one side for burgers and also pair well with hot dogs. 

Many seafood restaurants offer french fries as a side to their fried fish, shrimp, oysters, and crab. 

You’ll find french fries as a side for fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and chicken sandwiches. 

Many people can eat fries all by themselves with no other meat or veggies. Children love eating fries as well. 

Over 4 billion pounds of french fries are eaten in a year, which is a lot of potatoes.

Top 6 Potatoes For French Fries

  • Russet Burbank
  • Maris Piper
  • Ranger Russet
  • Umatilla Russet
  • Shepody
  • Yukon Gold

russet burbank

Russet Burbank

The Russet Burbank potato is brown-skinned, with the middle being white, mealy, and dry, making it great for French fries, mashing, and baking. 

This potato is mostly used for French fries, tater tots, and even hash browns. The skin of the russet is very edible and nutritious.

maris piper

Maris Piper

The Maris Piper potato has a golden skin that is thinner than the russet. 

The flesh of the potato offers fluffiness. It is used frequently in French fries due to its dryness and lower sugar content.


Ranger Russet

The Ranger Russet potato is one that matures later. 

They grow to medium size, making them great for fries. The ranger offers high solids, and it will fry up to a golden crisp, making it a tremendous French fried potato.

Umatilla Russet

Umatilla Russet

The Umatilla Russet Potato is also a potato that matures late. 

This potato freezes well, so it’s an excellent selection for frozen French fries. 

It too has brown skin and has an oblong shape with an inside that offers fluffiness.



The Shepody potato is a smooth white-skinned potato that is long in shape. 

It can be used to make great fries as well as used for baking and broiling. They have a high starch content as well.

yukon gold

Yukon Gold

The Yukon Gold potato is more round in shape and is of a golden color. 

They are thin-skinned, and the inside of them is golden or yellow. The Yukon’s skin can be eaten easily also since it is so thin.

Russet Verses Yukon

When comparing these two to make your french fries, keep in mind that the Russet potato is a dryer potato, making it a great choice. 

You don’t want a potato that is too wet nor too dry. A moist potato can cause you to have mushy fries as they won’t hold together well once cooked through. 

The Yukon potato has finer skin and is light yellow, and offers a little sweeter taste when cooked. The Yukon is also suitable for boiling as well as roasting.

Deep Frying Verses Skillet Frying

You can make some tremendous french fries no matter which way you choose to fry them. 

You may find that the deep frying will allow you to cook more fries at one time, depending on the size of your fryer. 

You may also find that deep frying will allow you to cook faster than skillet frying. 

Place your cooked fries on a cookie sheet with paper towels or on a cookie sheet with a cooling rack to eliminate excess oil. 

When skillet frying, you can place the french fries on a cookie sheet in a warm oven while frying your next batch or batches. 

Be attentive to your french fries as they are cooking so that you don’t overcook them.

Soaking Fries before Cooking

Many people choose to soak their fries before cooking them as this helps the potatoes to release moisture, making them crispier when fried. 

Some people soak their fries in plain water, some choose saltwater, while milk and sugared water are also some options. 

If you choose to soak your fries before cooking, you will want to make sure you plan ahead so that they can soak for at least 8 hours. 

If you are going to serve your french fries salted, you will want to make sure that you put the salt on them when you’ve removed them from the oil.

Everyone loves french fries, and homemade fries can be the best. 

Choose the best potatoes so that you can create french fries that are golden brown and crispy.

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